He formed the group Taurus, separate from the tribe system.He personally met with the new tribe chief, Lars's 13-year-old son, Li Ying, suggesting both armies withdraw.It is also interesting to note that Gaius and Dymlos share the same Japanese voice actor, Ryoutarou Okiayu.The two countries clashed on the Fezebel Marsh, in what would later be known as the Battle of Fezebel.He takes large amounts of time each day to have open audiences with anyone who wishes to speak with him, and he often looks into problems personally.During his youth, strife between tribes was common, and the Outway Tribe was under the control of the Long Dau Tribe, one of the larger tribes close to the king. Kilgrave x reader Summary:. The ousted King Merad attempted to retake his throne, but he was summarily defeated at the Battle of Arklund.Erston showed his potential from a young age, being unofficially the youngest person to win in the coliseum at the age of 12, doing so even without a Lilium Orb.The woman angrily runs away, leaving town forever..Farah thanks Erston before he leaves on official business.Gaius's words greatly inspired the young Li Ying, and he not only withdrew his troops, but surrendered and joined Gaius, and later became his right-hand man, Wingul.He states in a skit in Tales of Xillia 2 that, in his twenties, he used to walk the snowy streets of Kanbalar in short-sleeves while eating a pound of ice cream.His occupation, however, is currently unknown.Though he is a king, he states the weak should be protected so that they can become strong.

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The smooth stone that paved the ceremonial hall was cool against his forehead.In Arst’s opinion, the man was a poor leader and tactician, and was constantly ordering maneuvers that only served to deplete their resources for little gain.Moreover, the role came with its share of obligations that would greatly restrict his freedom.Then, they would kneel before the altar and accomplish a cleansing ritual.As he lowered his head for the bow, he recalled their previous conversation.She was set to marry in the spring of her fifteenth year, and awaited the moment with a certain enthusiasm. Full Golden freddy scream YouTube. His father’s expression was closed, like he was trying to hide what he was truly thinking about the event under a mask of neutrality and indifference.Karla’s ex-fiancé was appointed commander of the Long Dau army for this campaign, and Arst and the fifty Outway men that had been requisitioned were supposed to obey his orders.Inside, the altar held a large basin into which droplets dripped down from a ceiling duct at timed intervals, the mechanism likely powered by spirit artes.If Arst had merely disobeyed orders, he could have simply been executed for insubordination..In unison, they raised their hands high and bowed toward the altar, letting the water held within their palms drip down their arms.She would be sad to part with her family and friends to live in the capital, but she was eager to play her role for the sake of her clan, and was looking forward to her new life with her future husband.It was a truly good match, that benefited both parties.However, swift and strong currents were no less symbolic to the founders of the Long Dau clan, and the shrine they built to the Great Spirit of Water was an undeniably impressive structure.Some kind of healing spell, though the nature of it escaped him.Eventually, he had learned to keep his misgivings quiet so as not to upset her.And finally, the spousal bow would seal the alliance.In return, she would serve as a readily available hostage to keep her father and brother in rank.What that resulted in was an overwhelming victory, eclipsing by far any of the commander’s own accomplishments.In truth, it was an advantageous match, an opportunity a small clan such as theirs could not pass up—and doing so would have been an insult with repercussions they were not ready to face.To be bound to the prince meant forfeiting his right to succeed his father and become a leader himself.They were also the only one required to bow to their new husband. Evie frye porn.

The threat posed by Exodus had given both countries a common cause, which enabled Gaius, with help from Rowen, to unite both countries.They were still in disagreement over certain issues, but they recognized each other?s value.He believed that his keeping it would prevent further wars, because it would act as a repellent.At the time, social division was strong due to the tribe system.Jude Mathis ( Arte List - Skills - Allium Orb ).Milla Maxwell ( Arte List - Skills - Allium Orb ) ? Rowen J. Lukas x jesse. After her death, Gaius commented that never before had a woman had such a strong impact on him as Milla.That led to the discovery of spyrites, spyrixes that did not kill spirits.It's around that time that he changed his name to Gaius, which means ?he who pulls the world behind him?, and severed his ties with his sister so that she would not be harmed because of him.The big tribes lost their power and he united the whole of Auj Oule under him.However, his sister?s fiance convinced the patriarch to keep fighting, so Gaius?s warning was ignored.He proclaimed himself king of Auj Oule, but Merad managed to escape and tried to strike back with help from Rashugal.He had found his own resolve, and had become one of the strong ones.He is waiting to see the opportunity to resist Rashugal who he is fighting against to attain supremacy in Rieze Maxia.He was killed by Gaius himself, which earned him the tribe?s animosity.Gaius does not appreciate those that have power not performing their duty.The other, smaller tribes had little power of their own and conflict was common.

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Some of the packaging littered the other items nearby—plastic rumpled over one of the paperweights, a padded envelope lying across a stack of files. “I still don’t understand why it’s a risk.What happened to the old one?” “The hinges broke..” He kissed Gaius before he left, since no one else was around, and went to make sure that his president had a secure GHS line to keep their country safe. “Was this approved by the security team. Gay edging torture. ” He gathered up all the packaging, and along with the GHS, tried to stuff them all back into the box. “I’ll be back later.Wingul snatched the GHS out of his palm, found the power button, and turned it on.” “I need to make calls.All his energy and intelligence went into other strengths. I’ll be taking this. “I didn’t see the power symbol.But when it came to technology, Gaius might as well have been born before it was invented.” “It’s right here.He noted that Gaius was hunched over with intense concentration on something.Gaius frowned at him.When it came to hardware and software, Gaius needed assistance remembering how to turn things on and off properly for the first few times he used any new device.Only a few people will know I have a new one. “It doesn’t have the symbol this time.The sleek new design of the flat GHS must have confused Gaius, who was accustomed to his flip model.I only use my GHS for a few calls, and no one even knows my new number yet. “Why would I need to tell security. Hypno sex slave. ” “You didn’t transfer your old number?” Not that it mattered; Gaius never used the handy contact list provided in his GHS and dialed everyone the old-fashioned way: typing out each number, one at a time, with the stabs of his index finger.Gaius could best him at the gym or during fencing lessons, and he even provided a worthy adversary in strategy games.” At least Gaius had retained some knowledge about technology if he remembered there was a specific symbol to represent powering something on and off.The new GHS—one that did not flip like his old device—hadn’t been turned on and sat in the palm of his hand.” Wingul tapped a long button on the side of the GHS.The last thing they needed was Rashugal bragging about another security breach, even if all their government could do was acquire information about how many cat toys the president of Auj Oule ordered online at one time. “Security must inspect the hardware and software before you can use it.” Wingul shut the device off again and flipped it around in his palm.” Wingul sighed and rubbed his temple.

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Was he unable to even be the one to avenge Gaius.His life felt empty, meaningless, now that he was gone.Some phrasings might feel a bit French-y as a result, but hopefully that will not be too distracting.He could see that gaping hole in his chest.Jiao would have produced some candy out of his huge pockets to cheer her up, and Presa would have observed them with a sly smile, awaiting the perfect occasion to make a jab at the girl.There would be no more attacking, now, and he suddenly regretted losing control. The empty man outer worlds. However, her cries sounded more like the cries of a child who had stubbed their toe on furniture than like the agony of someone who was going to die.Jiao, who had predicted what would happen, caught him before his face met with the snow again. The only one to serve Lord Maxwell.They could take her by surprise, provided she did not sense their approach. The blood.What's the point of getting hung up on what could-have-beens.He could see the lifeless body of his lover, bathing in his own blood, his sword still in his hand. The lights from the lumen trees, which were giving the scene an eerie look.They had first tried to complete the unification of Rieze Maxia that their king had started before his passing. The blood.On closer look, she did not seem hostile at all.Part of the nobility and military had tried to take advantage of their king's death to increase their privileges, and the country split into two factions: one led by Sir Ilbert from Sharilton, and one led by a man called Albert N.Comments: 33 Kudos: 52 Bookmarks: 6 Hits: 647.Wingul was not in a state to fight anymore, and had little choice but to stay behind and watch.He felt tears of frustration fall down on his cheeks.His mind had taken a trip back to the past, to one year ago, on that fated day that had ruined everything.. Yaoi Cuddle. Agria and Presa would then follow with a barrage of fire and ice artes to force her back into the woods and block her way to the sky.He had stopped using it after last time, because he was afraid that the thing would turn against him before he had accomplished anything.Ilbert and Elize were the only ones from Maxwell's group who had managed to escape her.If only he had been the one to die that day.He probably did not want to leave Elize to face the monster alone.Just as he had done just now, he had also lost control to the booster back then, and had attacked Muzét with everything he had.Jiao had decided to stay by his side and support him.Their lives, their country, their desires.

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“You’re not.” “Yes, sir!” “Relay this to the troops: those who surrender shall be treated with care.And tell Nils to assemble a squad; we’re giving chase.He thought about himself, young and lost, gasping for breath on that hill.” Gaius’ smile dropped.He also wrung his clothes and drained water from his boots to the best of his ability. Voltron klance. His legs were still a little wobbly, but he could walk without difficulty.” Gaius smiled. “Are you all right? Did you inhale water?” “I’m fine, no thanks to you,” Wingul snapped.Gaius’ gaze was fixed ahead, on the meandering cliffs that formed the way to Xian Du. “A reward for your brilliant strategy. “Heh.If I hadn’t cut the link then, I wouldn’t have made it back to the surface.” Wingul’s brows were furrowed in confusion, until his eyes widened as the realization dawned on him. I was holding my breath,” Wingul explained, as if it was obvious.Wingul tried to keep his expression humble, but he could not entirely conceal a proud smile.” “A minor accident? Wingul—” “Nils told me you were so shaken that you nearly collapsed on the bridge.It was dark, but not the all-encompassing darkness of the depths.With his reddened cheeks and glossy eyes, it was true that he looked a little feverish, if you were oblivious to the scene that had just taken place. “I still maintain that we are too entangled,” Wingul said, snuggling up to him.After what felt like ages, a mass of familiar black hair emerged, and Gaius breathed in unconsciously.The events of the afternoon had left him drained, and he needed a moment alone to collect himself and quell the feeling of dread that had taken hold of his heart ever since he saw Wingul fall.Wingul seemed to catch his unvoiced question. Ma ou. ” “We just saw that I could be. “Have you been overworking him again?” Gaius glanced at Wingul, whose eyes were intently focused on the map.Gaius refrained from unleashing his anxiety upon his right hand, from asking him if he was sure it was safe, if their troops were not going to end up as fish bait after all.This is set during Gaius' conquest of Auj Oule. Good thing your future throne lies atop a mountain, then.Whereas clans like the Long Dau built a city around their castle, and walls around their city, the Kitarl capital had no castle to speak of.From there, the path to follow was straightforward: strike down anyone who stood in their way, secure the city’s strong points, find the chief, and force him to submit.Xian Du had a number of docks spread out along the river.” He was not making much sense, he knew.

He is the divergence catalyst of his dimension and is killed by the party.Her Booster takes the form of Teepo ( ???, Tipo ), a talking doll who is the personification of her inner thoughts.He was summoned by a human named Milla Kresnik, resulting in his fondness for humans.Elle is a Key of Kresnik which allows her to travel and take objects from the parallel dimension to the prime dimension., a non-profit organization.Tales of Xillia 2 takes place a year later and follows Ludger Will Kresnik who is hired by Spirius Corporation to destroy parallel dimensions because the spirit Origin is unable to sustain the abundance of souls. My Hero Academia Uraraka Wallpapers. Over the course of Tales of Xillia 2, he serves as the arbiter of Origin's examination of human worth, but quickly shows himself to be extremely biased against humans, viewing them as greedy, warlike parasites.Since then, she was forcefully experimented on and was given a device called a Booster which augments her magical abilities.Yamashita Books.Wikipedia? is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. March 2, 2013.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.After the train crashes and Spirius Corporation treats his injuries, he becomes burdened with a huge debt.In Tales of Xillia 2, a parallel dimension's Muzet served as a divergence catalyst host and is killed by Ludger. Retrieved 3 January 2020.Alvin's family was aboard a cruise ship when it became trapped in Rieze Maxia and resulted in his father's death.

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” Those words cut through the room’s stuck-up nature, stuck-up in terms of being cooped inside of it all day shuffling through countless papers.five? Twenty? When you were the king of an entire country, time had no meaning.” Wingul sighed, leaning against the door.” “You would go as far as ensuring that I was well through the means of tea?” “The king needs to always be in top condition, does he not?” He certainly had a point there.There were no fights to be fought nor people to be dealt with, meaning taking a break was finally a viable option. “Is something the matter?” The older man shook his head. Anti Wanda. Rowen assured it would pair well with whatever chocolate he wanted to have, and it would help him to concentrate more (to Gaius, all teas helped him concentrate, but apparently some had better effects than others.Gaius slept on his desk again, but this time, he felt at ease.Tea was an especially popular beverage not just for improving the mind, but for keeping warm as well.Kanbalar did have quite a selection of brews, as the capital of the country.You may do as you wish. “I am merely concerned for your own health, Gaius.Papers regarding the other towns throughout the entirety of Auj Oule still had to be reviewed.I just wanted to see that you were doing alright.” There it came again, everybody in the castle asking if his highness had been doing okay, in terms of ruling duties.Oh, so that was what this whole visit was about.He would be lying if he told Wingul that his head started to throb, and his eyes felt like they were burning from excessive working.Being king really meant not having free time or having time to leisure so carelessly. “I know when to head for bed and whatnot. “Your highness, if I may come in.Gaius signed the bottom of yet another paper, placing it on the right side of the desk. I was just about to finish writing a letter to House Sharil. “I was just going to finish up signing these papers over here. Powerful and Smart Naruto Fics. The door opened to reveal the prime minister, as calm as ever.” A gentle three knocks came at the door.The process couldn’t really be called simple though, as his eyes started to give up and finally shut. “What explains you being awake, then?” The stack of papers was now neatly piled in the corner of the desk, the paper at the top still glistening with fresh ink.He slept on his desk that night.It’s a simple process; read, sign, stack.” Gaius deliberately placed his pen back in the inkwell, “I trust you have no problem with that?” “It is nearly past midnight.

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So he made you believe you were Maxwell in the flesh.Comments: 2 Kudos: 2 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 49.I remember you attracted some human companions while we were imprisoned. So.You saved the lives of all those humans who knew about the Schism, and then you didn't even have the decency to die properly.It was a lie. Spencer Reid's Death Chapter 1. Jealous and lonely.It was so much to take in, and she could not even muster a single word as her mind raced.While I had to be alone all my life even though I was Maxwell's chosen Great Spirit to protect Reiza Maxia.Memory stirred within Milla, surging from the recesses of her consciousness.Do you know anything about these humans, Milla.I know you're the Four, but you hear so many stories these days of humans killing us with spyrix, I just thought I should warn you.It will not be canon compliant with Xillia 2.Why did this spirit seem to despise Milla so intensely. Through it all she felt something, something stronger than any memory or words.It is not a path easily travelled, but Greater Spirits like the five of us can access it freely.The villagers of Nia Khera had given their thanks for saving them from Muzet's campaign of mass murder, and Milla had spent the night processing her thoughts. Muzet had been jealous.She still couldn't fully remember them, but could she trust them.She was Milla Maxwell, Lord of Spirits, and her mission was to protect her spirits and humanity alike, to protect Reiza Maxia.It starts its divergence at the end of Milla's Spirit World arc. But.

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.He offers Gaius a smile, one of his trademark grins.His relationship with Gaius is pretty complicated, and a one night stand is going to make it worse, probably, but he’ll deal with the mistakes of tonight at a later date.Gaius is gentle, but commanding, in touch if not in words, and everytime Alvin manages to wring a groan out of him is its own reward.He stands aside and lets Gaius go in first, and Gaius walks in like he owns the place, stopping in the main hall to glance around.Alvin would have been a little disappointed, but it wouldn’t be the first time he made a bad sex call. Lee Byung Hun. It’s easy to fall back into the pattern of it all, and as selfish as Alvin might be on a pretty regular basis, he’s pretty fond of giving head.Alvin is a little unsteady, because he hasn’t come yet and the change of position really just serves to remind him that he is achingly hard.He doesn’t, quite, but he lets his gaze slide vaguely to the side as he offers Gaius a smile.It’s not difficult, but it takes a test of dexterity that’s a little tricky when Alvin is both half-drunk and all-horny. “That would make sense.And then pauses.It’s rough and calloused, no amount of time pretending to be a rich playboy undoing the years of sword training that Gaius has gone through, but any amount of friction feels amazing, and Alvin would be a little embarrassed of the noise he makes if he wasn’t busy muffling it into Gaius’ shoulder.It wasn’t like he’d meant to talk about the relative dry spell he was experiencing, but they were both half-drunk in the bar, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Reluctantly, he conceded that Rowen was maybe right.

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How could she have forgotten everything in one night?”.” A devious smiled appeared on his lips.If they truly were disguised as each other, Kamal had to admit their act was impressive.Not now, not while their mother’s last moments were still so fresh in his mind.Once you are old enough to join them on the battlefield, you must defer to them and try to appear as unremarkable as possible.The Long Dau lords will not take it well if you appear too strong or defiant. Two dorks.com. The two infants were sleeping peacefully next to each other, their chests heaving periodically to the rhythm of their breathing.Quickly noticing his fast progress, Kohei paired him with older boys for mock duels. For everything.Karla was usually more docile, but she easily took her brother’s lead, which often turned mischief into a team effort to everyone’s great dismay.These were two little human beings he had helped create.As he drifted to sleep, he realized that in the chaos of that night, he had barely had time to even look at his children.She will be expected to fulfill various household duties once she gets married.The earthy aroma warmed him, but did little to ease his weariness.But that relief only lasted until he became more involved in their swords practice.We spent all of yesterday morning going over the basics.At first glance, nothing out of the ordinary.Reading his mind, his friend gave him an encouraging nod.I’m just feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s happened.Several years had passed since then, and Arst had grown from a toddler he often had to prevent from taking off on his own into a competent child he could entrust small tasks to.

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